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You're Allowed to Hate Your Husband

...but you're not allowed
hate yourself

The guide to becoming WHOLE 

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Presented by Remi Stern,
Coach & Founder of Levvi by Remi.

This is not your typical podcast. We are giving you full permission to feel exactly what you are feeling. Because, guess what, YOU ARE NOT ALONE


However, we aren't stopping there. We don't believe in settling for a subpar life and relationship. We will give you the tools to improve your life.


You deserve a flourishing, incredible, happy, loving, fulfilling, exciting, and connected relationship and life. You deserve UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.


And fun fact: the quality of your relationship determines the quality of your life


The good news is finding and maintaining a loving relationship starts with YOU. It starts with you LOVING YOURSELF. It starts with you being WHOLE. That’s when everything FALLS INTO PLACE


Get ready for groundbreaking conversations with not only experts in the field but also people JUST LIKE YOU who have 'figured it out'. You will learn, you will grow, you will expand and receive. Get ready to start living a life far beyond your dreams!

Are you ready to be in a LOVING and HAPPY relationship?

Only list if you... 


are ready to live the life of your dreams 

want to feel an abundance of confidence, self love, and self worth


want true inner peace and deep connection to self and others


want your lifestyle and actions to match your desires 

want a relationship you feel amazing in 

If this is you, you're in the RIGHT PLACE.

This podcast will give you:


Tools to becoming the best version of yourself and living your ideal life

Full embodiment of self love, self esteem, and self worth

True gratitude and appreciation for your life

A meaningful and fulfilled life with purpose, alignment, and joy

A happy and loving life-long relationship



“Every week I felt lighter and ready to conquer the rest of my week. Looking back I realized each week I basically conquered something I really wanted to change or accomplish in my life. This process allowed me to focus on each thing in-depth and not feel overwhelmed like I needed to fix everything at once. I realized I CAN do it. Changing one simple "slogan" and it changed just about everything in my entire life. Instead of instantly saying to myself "I can't"... I changed that to "I'll give it a shot". This little shift in words allowed me to do things I truly NEVER believed I could do.”

- Flora Feldman

“Remi is Unbelievable!!!"

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"Remi helped me get through a challenging phase by guiding me to take some distance and see how my anxiety was keeping me in the dark. She helped me understand that life happens for me and not to me which can completely change your mindset about literally everything. Remi helped me work on self acceptance and self love, which is still a work in project and will always be but she gave me the tools to stop loosing myself in what doesn’t serve me, and to find out what does. I feel more aligned and grounded. Thanks to her guidance, I can finally prioritize myself and my peace without guilt, in order to show up as my highest self. I am beyond grateful for her.”

- Emma Serres

“I love Remi’s energy, her positivity, and her ability to share her knowledge and passion to give us the tools to better ourselves"

- Aliza Goldberg

“I learned the tools to truly love myself, feel comfortable with myself, recognize my strengths, and be proud of what sets me apart from everyone else.”

“When I started working with Remi, one of my biggest goals was to lose weight. I wanted to be skinny so I could be more desirable and attract more men. Other goals included getting a new job, making more money, and finding peace in my relationships. Those all quickly fell into place, but what truly stands out to me is 'losing the weight'. I feel about 200 pounds lighter and I don't think I lost more than 2 pounds. The program gave me the opportunity to say "wow, look what I've done, look where I'm at". I used to focus on negative thoughts and I would beat myself up. I was never good enough. Now I am more than enough. I truly believe in myself and how amazing I am. I 'lost the weight' of people who weren't enhancing my life and my growth. I lost the weight of my negative thoughts and negative energy. I lost the weight of not allowing myself to move on. And now I am the most attractive person in whatever room I walk into. People are drawn to me, my energy, and my beauty. Thin or not, all my 'weight' is light and positive and everyone wants to be surrounded by it. More importantly, I WANT TO BE AROUND ME!”


“Working with Remi is like being in the presence of a real-life guardian angel. She helped me accept where I was in life when I was going through a really rough time. Furthermore, she showed me how to trust the process and helped me grow from a place of feeling sad and insecure to feeling empowered and enthusiastic. Her approach includes goal-oriented exercises that helped me learn about myself and ultimately helped me feel secure about the life changes I was going through. Furthermore, Remi has such a soothing way about her. I HIGHLY recommend Remi’s program to anyone who is open to self-discovery and personal growth.”

- Leah Silberman

“One word: invaluable.”

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