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8 Days of Inner Light

Brighten Your Inner Light.

November 29th through December 6th


You are invited to join me in 8 Days of Inner Light, each day of Chanukah we will come together with a practice where we ignite your inner light and share it with the world!

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Presented by Remi Stern,
Founder & Coach at Levvi by Remi.

Join us for '8 Days of Inner Light!' 

Have you been feeling lost? Heavy? Down? Stuck? Learn how to conquer the dark times and bring positivity and light into your life. We will explore practical skills on how to live your best life with ease and joy through daily lessons, meditations, and journal prompts. This will allow you to walk down the path of divine light and love with full confidence of fulfilling your highest purpose.

In this practice we will 

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